5501 Old New Market Road, P.O. Box 111, New Market, MD 21774 tel: 301-865-3530  fax: 301-882-7623
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Preschool - by Ms Marilyn Preschool room near nursery/office door.
1 - 2 grade class - by Ms Donna Prechool room near kitchen
3 - 4 grade class - by Ms Toni Education Bldg. kitchen
Adult Sunday School in the Schoolhouse
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Worship Service 9:30 am (Nursery Available)
Worship Service 9:30 & 11:00 am (Nursery Available)

Pastors: Scott Clawson, Jennifer Smith

Sunday School 9:30 - 10:45 am
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Vision Statement:  New Market United Methodist Church strives to build and empower disciples for
                                 Jesus Christ.
Mission Statement:  New Market United Methodist Church encourages faithful discipleship for Jesus Christ by participation in Prayer, the Word, Worship, Fellowship and Service.
*** VBS Coming July 29 - Aug 2  6:00 pm to 8:15 pm ***

Daily Readings - A Time of Reckoning

Monday, 5/20 Psalm 96: 1-13 What does the Psalmist mean by “he will judge the peoples with equity? Does this give you hope or dread?

Tuesday, 5/21 Amos 5: 18-27 Why did the Lord reject the people of Israel even when they sang songs of praise and worshiped in the temple? God desires our heart not our rituals.

Wednesday, 5/22 Matthew 11: 20-24 When, if ever, have you experienced consequences in daily living that caused you to repent and re-order your life?

Thursday, 5/23 Matthew 25: 14-46 How does the idea of a final judgment play a part in your decisions of conduct?

Friday, 5/24 Romans 2: 1-16 How would you explain the meaning and purpose of judgment in general to a person who objects to the doctrine of final judgement?

Saturday, 5/26 2 Corinthians 5: 11-21 How can these verses from Paul give you confidence in facing death?
*** History of Methodist Churches in New Market Walking Tour Sunday May 19th @ 12:15 pm***