Brief History of NMUMC

 NMUMC is located in historic New Market, Maryland. The town of New Market was formed along the trade routes leading from Frederick to Baltimore, Georgetown and Annapolis during the 1700’s. According to History of Western Maryland Standard, 1882 by J. Thomas Scharf, the present day church as we known it was erected in 1821, but there are no official building records to verify this exact date. Before this, a simple log meeting house served as the church since 1801. The log meeting house was a crude structure which protected the congregation only from the rain, wind and snow, without a heat source, with candles or lard oil lamps for light. The log foundation of this log meeting house was uncovered in the remodeling of the present church in 1957. The probable founder of the New Market congregation is James L. Higgins who moved to the area in 1801. The church was known as the Methodist Episcopal Church until 1939 after the union of the American Methodist when it became known as the New Market Methodist Church. Later, with the national unification of the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Church, the church was again renamed The New Market United Methodist Church. Today NMUMC has an active congregation that meets every Sunday for worship. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in joining in our church family.